A Brief Introduction

Image courtesy of https://www.pinterest.com/mmyuuji/tokyo-japan/ Hello and welcome to my new (and improved) blog! My name is Alan Chung and I’m a student fresh outta high school studying my first year of Media and Comms. at UOW. I’ll be using this blog for BCM 110, BCM 112 and JRNL 101 for the first semester, and hopefully for more and more courses as the year goes on!

A little about myself, I graduated from Smith’s Hill High School which is also (surprisingly) situated in Wollongong, so it wasn’t a huge leap transitioning from high school to university since many other classmates also went straight to UOW as well. The main reason I’m studying Media and Comms. is to try something new that I haven’t done before by throwing myself in the deep end and also to improve my writing skills.

Despite entering my third week into UOW (a pretty ridiculous time for a first blog post I know) I still hope that I’ll be able to meet new people, try new things, maybe join a couple of interesting clubs and mainly have a good time all around!

I hope I haven’t bored you to death just yet, and hope you’ll stick around and have a blast reading more interesting content!


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