Try Not To Paint The Door Handles

Sydney Uni Graffiti Tunnel: March25, 2015
Sydney Uni Graffiti Tunnel: March 25, 2015

“Hey wait up, lemme take a pic of this.” I say to Riley Jones, fellow Journalism student and photographer extraordinaire.

I ready my camera, waiting feverishly for two uni students to escape up the stairs and out of the shot.

The Sydney Graffiti Tunnel was like nothing else.

Instead of boring stone arches and white brick walls my eyes were entertained instead by shades of blue, red and green splayed across the floors, walls and ceiling.  It was as if  I had entered a world devoid of the stark, clean, and mostly historic architecture that Sydney University was well renowned for.


One thought on “Try Not To Paint The Door Handles

  1. The Photo is instantly eye-catching thanks in large part to the way it has been shot.
    I feel like it could have been a little better if it was framed through the eyes of the tunnel though.
    The linking in the caption was also very nice, as it gave you the chance to further explore your story.
    Maybe you could be a little more succinct?
    A great photo and a real swood caption.

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