#Pewdiepie And Micro-celebrities

pewdiepieimage Twitter is an intercommunication platform.

It’s a stream of media that can’t be watched like a television show or read like a book. Twitter, Facebook and Reddit are similar to radio, you tune in every once and a while, sometimes more often than you should, and you absorb this flow of continuous information.

Using NodeXL, I searched through the twitter feed and created a network graph, a social network visualization, of 150 tweets from users who used the hashtag #pewdiepie from the 10th of May to the 11th of May. This is just a small sample of the hundreds of thousands of people utilizing this hashtag every hour of every day.

In the above image we can see that Pewdiepie, the dog image at the center, is central to these otherwise unconnected individuals, he acts as a conduit for the community to become involved with him and other users.

pewdiepie-indiegogo-charity-save-the-children-600x369Pewdiepie is a world famous micro-celebrity, an individual who uses social media and the affordances of the web to maintain and gain a following. On Youtube he has the 4th highest number of subscribers, and the most viewed videos of any channel.

Pewdiepie has such an enormous following of devoted users because he constantly interacts with his audience through twitter.He’s essentially creating a celebrity facade, maintaining a performative intimacy between himself and his viewers through images, videos, fan mail and generally acknowledging his fan base.

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5 thoughts on “#Pewdiepie And Micro-celebrities

  1. Really good blog post explaining the role of Twitter in the lives of micro-celebrities such as YouTubers, I like how you used NodeXL to create your own network graph to show a sample of the amount of people who use the hashtag #pewdiepie, you can tell why so many people follow him and he’s the number one viewed YouTuber of all time, great post!


  2. I really like this Blog post and how you put it together and understood the idea and concepts of twitter. It is interesting how everyone that uses twitter can instantly be connected to everyone in different ways. It is very interesting that 150 tweets are used by the #pewdiepie and how it used by an individual to maintain information and how he interacts with the audience to gain so many followers. It was good to start the blogpost with the twitter feed and see who is connected with who and how much interaction is made together.


  3. Really love this post and how you have really gone into detail about micro-celebrities and how they have effectively used social media to individualise themselves as well as use it to create a following. Using NodeXL you can really get to grips on how vast Pewdiepie’s following really is, just through a hashtag. A way you could expand on this post is by stating how the hashtag has helped create this following by how it is used and what is essentially does http://techforluddites.com/the-twitter-hashtag-what-is-it-and-how-do-you-use-it/
    Also hyper linking to the hashtag itself would have been good to. But great job! It was an interesting read =)


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