The Workings Behind Siri


This week I created a prezi to present more-or-less how Siri works as a more extravagant Google search as part of a material transformation, how a media platform can transform a text.


4 thoughts on “The Workings Behind Siri

  1. A succinct and well summarised Prezi that gives basic and easy to read information on Siri. It’s interesting that you used this as an example because I really wouldn’t have thought of our voice as being something material, but I suppose recording your own voice and playing it back is even a material to digital transformation. It might have been good to add a bit more exploration of how Siri relates to this transformation, instead of just how it works. Great, simple post!

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  2. You have definitely done a good job with this Prezi communicating how Siri works and what the process is to make it happen. I like how you have kept it short and straight to the point, however putting some videos in with people using Siri, or even yourself using Siri, and links to different sites will allow your audience to further read up on this idea you are portraying. Overall good job 🙂

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  3. I found your Prezi very interesting! Especially for me, since my knowledge on the topic is incredibly limited. Your correct use of a reference list also made it very helpful for your audience who want to continue reading up. Perhaps next time include more visual imagery, such as images, videos or podcasts. Not only would it add some more relevant information, but it would also break up the information a bit better, allowing it to flow better. Overall, very good!


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