Remix Culture and the ‘Hey’ Sample

One of the more underrated samples is the ‘Hey’ sample originally from James Brown’s single ‘Funky President’ released in 1974. From Hip-Hop to Electronic Dance (although mainly hip-hop) I created a remix through Soundcloud to showcase the various artists who have remixed this sample into their tracks.


4 thoughts on “Remix Culture and the ‘Hey’ Sample

  1. A really creative way to present remix culture. I love how you used an underrated sample and highlighted the frequency of its use in modern music. I found it really interesting how Childish Gambino’s “V. 3005” released in 2013, actually used a sample from 39 years ago. The question becomes what is original, and does it even matter? Some say that original content creation is the only winning formula for brands and marketers. I’d challenge that assumption, and use the remix concept as a way to expand how we think of original content. Inventive and creative post, great work!


  2. This is a really good SoundCloud post, you used it really well. You used a lot of great examples of remixes and very clearly and simply demonstrated remix culture. It would have been great if you included a reference list or included all of the song names. I also tried to go onto your Soundcloud page and it seems that all your sounds are on private, it may be a idea to put it on public to help promote your post!


  3. Nice remix!
    Another really great example or a sample that is so common in music.
    I agree with blairruby, you should change your Soundcloud posts to public so people can find it there aswell.
    Creative example of remix culture(:


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