Citizen Journalism, An Issue With Gatekeepers

On the 25th of March from UNSW to UTS, university students held a rally and protest against university funding cut proposals. I went up to Sydney and, like many people, filmed some of the talks on my smartphone.

I created this Youtube video to really push the point of Citizen Journalism having no quality filter. The footage is blurry, the audio is loud and its vertically filmed.

However, the protest didn’t get much, if any coverage in legacy media at all.

This really reiterates on the fact that anyone can publicize the news, anyone can become a journalist.


3 thoughts on “Citizen Journalism, An Issue With Gatekeepers

  1. Filming the talks from the rally is a great example of Citizen Journalism, as you are covering an issue that impacts society especially university students! It would of been great to see what you filmed but I was unable to watch the YouTube video you created because it is on private. Maybe if you changed the settings on the clip to allow for the us as the audience to view your contribution to citizen journalism. I’m sure it would be really interesting to watch 🙂


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