A Global Phenomenon – The Invention of the Telegraph

morse-sending-keyIf you’re here reading this post right now, you’ve probably never heard of the telegraph. This post, including meme, are here to enlighten you to the amazing revolutionary technology which has vastly influenced the idea of communication as we know it.

The first wireless radio telegraph appeared in 1895.
While the initial commercial electric telegraph was produced in England in 1837 – it was far too complex and relied on a complex encoding of characters which was time-consuming and ultimately unsuccessful.
However, the wireless telegraph shaped the world and ushered in a bright modern age.

“A net-work of iron wire, strung by lightning, will ramify the brain, New York, to the distant limbs and members.” – The New York Tribune


Communication through telegraph became the height of fashion. Messages that were sent which took days and weeks could be instantly received in minutes. The people became more interested in news from foreign places.

There was more information being sent in real time.

To the ordinary person, the idea of events occurring somewhere else far, far away at the same time as something else occurring then and there just didn’t compute. Before then, the main aggregators of information – of urgent news – was the daily and evening news.

The telegraph unified communication between people from far-reaching places in a huge centralized network, information could be delivered, recieved and decoded in amazingly short span of time.


3 thoughts on “A Global Phenomenon – The Invention of the Telegraph

  1. This post does a good job of explaining the basics of telegraph evolution and the social impacts it had on society. I think where it is let down however is the lack of contrast to cyberculture or reflection on the impact of digital technologies on the way society now sends and receives its information on a global scale. Rather than just using the lecture information for the basis of your reflective content, try to dig deeper into the concepts of digital decentralisation, the breakdown of info from industrialism and the global aspects of the Internet itself. Good start.


  2. Your post this week was conducted well through the implementation of an entertaining meme. The post explains the basics of the history of the telegraph well, however further expansion on this would be beneficial. Perhaps engagement with the weekly readings would help. Great work, keep it up.


  3. I also posted about the telegraph for this topic, but I did not go in depth into the history and mechanics of it all so its good to see a different take on it. I would be good to see your personal opinion or research on the topic that you found particularly interesting but otherwise its a great post.


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