Cyberspace and Cyborg Anthropology


An initial (sloppy) attempt at creating a prezi to try and wrap my head around some super basic concepts of Cyborg Anthropology explained in Amber Case’s TEDtalk on what it means to be a Cyborg Anthropologist, and the interesting aspects of how the connections between humans and technology has transformed homo sapiens into pseudo-cyborgs, not in the case of  fiction (Robocop or Cybermen & Daleks or what have you) but instead having an intricate relationship with tech which surpasses our original physical and mental states.

It was pretty interesting reading about concepts such as ‘cellphone wormholes’ and ‘ambient intimacy’, which present how our connectivity with each other through technology pushes past the boundaries of time & space. I didn’t even know hours ago there was a study within anthropology dedicated solely to the relationship of tech with humans and human culture – a fascinating aspect of cyberculture I’ll definitely be delving into more-so in the future.


3 thoughts on “Cyberspace and Cyborg Anthropology

  1. Great post, you’re prezi is actually really informative and gives lots of useful links. Would also have been good to see maybe what you think the implications of cyborg anthropology could be in the future, good and bad. Great work though, keep it up!


  2. I hadn’t initially heard much about cyborg anthropology before, but your post is really informative. It’s good to see you took a different path than everyone else for this weeks topic. The wide variety of sources you’ve used throughout the prezi really enhances your own research. Will definitely be looking into this concept more


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