Jrnl 102 – Week 3 – A Couple Of Adjustments

For this sound portrait I wanted to evoke the atmosphere of my father’s Thai restaurant. My aim was to present the contrast between the quiet, calm mood of the dining area led through to the heated, stressful vibe of the hustle and bustle within the kitchen through the footsteps and opening of the door.

The main problem with recording audio and photographing portraits within a restaurant is the confined space. The head chef all the way down to the kitchen hand all have their specific stations to prep and cook food within the kitchen, so it’s hard to capture good, or even decent audio during a busy night. Every employee had their specific job to do, everyone within the kitchen and work area was hired to be there, and I felt I was impeding and being disrupting moving around  past people actually working to record and taking photos.

I resolved this issue by completing the recordings over a course of two days, particularly during lunch hours where the rush wasn’t as overbearing, although this may have undermined the authenticity of the audio.


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