Hey Tumblr! Distributed Media & My Digital Artefact Platform

So for this week’s blog post I wanted to talk a bit about the generative platform I’m using for my digital artifact and how this relates to distributed media.

Meet tumblr.

The first thing you’d notice is how clustered all the different posts are, if you’re familiar with other aggregating sites such as reddit, 4chan or the like you’re probably more used to everything being neat and tidy.
But when you’re looking at the front page of tumblr its a mixed bag of things you’d enjoy and others not so much

tumblr is a social media site at it’s heart.
A site where you distribute media, mostly original content from the short time I’ve spent on it. You’ve got the (now standard) like button to show some recognition that you enjoy this post, like the like button on Facebook and the upvote button on imgur and Reddit.

But what really stands out about tumblr is the micro-blogging feature. For the uninitiated, with each post there’s another button called the ‘reblog’ button to repost a post onto your own blog.

You’ve got the potential to create a killer blog site on this platform, where you can tailor your site to a specific audience, to a specific person with similar interests.
If you’re into meme-tastic content to coffee to adorable pets to high fashion, you’re bound to find similar blogs of content creators or avid content aggregators (or a mix of both) through tumblr’s search button.

This micro-blog feature separates this platform from Instagram, Facebook or Reddit.
And this means that you can look at your dashboard, like WordPress, and just be bombarded by content that appeals specifically for you, which is pretty cool.
This means that tumblr users are not only consumers but also produsers, gatewatchers who curate and filter the content that is created and shared. Much like reddit and Facebook’s like feature, Instagram and tumblr have their heart (like) and reblogs which show how popular posts are.


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