Jrnl 102 – Week 5 – Nexus

I picked ‘a dark room’ by Gemma Mollenhauer as the sound portrait to critique. Gemma’s utilization of ambient sound, particularly at the start is striking, its interesting how she used the creaking of the floorboards and the measured breathing to evoke the idea of an empty, confined attic.

While there wasn’t any music to note, the breathing which goes on throughout the interview creates this feeling of calmness and rhythm to the piece. It was interesting how the interview starts soon after the footsteps up to the attic, this creates a feeling of atmosphere to the audience, that they actually are within the “dark room within the corner of her mind”.

The guitar playing when the interviewee mentions trying something new implies how she is learning music to cope with this depression, it tells a succinct story of how her family has struggled with depression and how she has coped with it.


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