Twitter Report! For Jrnl102

So the first journalist I’m following is Jen Dudley-Nicholson the national technology editor for News corp.

Twitter is paramount for this journalist’s job. It will be always relevant as social media will be relevant for technology, much of Jen’s professional practice is researching technological advancements and ensuring only the most up-to-date newsworthy information is given to the masses. She doesn’t have a professional and personal account page on Facebook as it is not needed, as relevance is paramount to reporting about technology.

The next journalist is Michael Rusch, Social News Editor for Buzzfeed.

Like Jen, Michael Rusch’s twitter is important to spread the influence of Buzzfeed, as it’s a news website exclusively on the internet. Michael Rusch retweets tweets from other Journalists, acting as an aggregate from multiple sources and ensures reliability as source.

The final journalist I’ve recently started following is Emily Bell, director of Tow Centre for Digital Journalism at Columbia J. School.

Much of her twitter feed is opinionated, which would be permitted as all three journalists require the internet to publicize and enforce their social presence online. Like Michael Rusch, Emily aggregates multiple sources, many of which are related to technological advancements.

All three journalists do not have multiple Facebook accounts for professional and personal use as the companies they represent are lax regarding which opinions are presented, such as Buzzfeed which acts as an aggregating source to ensure as many people are aware of it’s website.


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