Feudalisation: The Plight of the Walled Garden


I created a prezi which focused on the Walled Garden approach, particularly why it is appealing, the issues surrounding it and what happens when it disappears, I further touch on how this approach influences my Digital Artefact and the mediums and media sites I’ve chosen to present my content.


3 thoughts on “Feudalisation: The Plight of the Walled Garden

  1. such a cool prezi, and an interesting approach i took a similar one with my post focusing on facebook as a walled garden, and it was cool to see you relate it to your digital artefact as its something that most of us doing digital artefacts need to consider.


  2. An interesting read, though it would be nice to see where you are getting your information from. Just as referencing can not only back up your statements but it can also provide a good stepping point for those who would like to read more about it.


  3. Great prezi man! Quite succinct, which I enjoyed. You raised some pretty solid points to the strengths and the negatives of the Walled Garden. I feel like you could’ve engaged a little more solidly with the concept of “control” due to this week’s topic of feudalism. Your introduction of “shadow-banning” was particularly interesting. Perhaps you should’ve skewed your prezi towards the walled garden of Reddit? That would’ve been quite good to see how Reddit comes off as “free”, but when in reality it is quite a regulated product.


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