When One Man Owns Too Much News

bagley-16One of the biggest qualms with media, both in Australian and around the world is the question of is it really important who owns the media?

The answer is yes.

Media ownership is an extremely fundamental aspect of ensuring that media outlets present to the public the most unbiased, informed and diverse news possible. By limiting media ownership to a specific powerful figure, such as Rupert Murdoch with News Corp, this could lead to a concentration of ownership, and limits the number of available alternative media sources available to the public.

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What Are We Really Seeing ?

1405735419126_1405538737267_kanye-west-gq-magazine-september-2014-style-01 So what can any single person get from this image? First we can see a man. He’s wearing olive and beige clothing and brown boots. The big ‘GQ’ in the bottom left means maybe the image is owned by a company. But is that all there is to this image?

Is that really all we are seeing ?

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Violent Video Games and the Aussie Classification System


Violence in video games has been around forever, and so has the controversy surrounding it. Studies from around the globe show that violent video games can be linked to kids aggression to results that state that there is no link between violent media and violent behavior. Even studies such as Bandura’s Bobo Doll experiment in 1961, where children were tested for aggressive responses after watching an aggressive model can be linked to the effect of violence in media on children.

Personally, I don’t believe that the anxieties associated with violent video games are justified at all.

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