Professional Journalism With It’s Back Against The Wall

A New Wave of Journalists, Keiden Cheung and Riley Jones.

Does Journalism have a bright future ahead of itself?

According to the public, professional journalism is a dying industry.

It’s got nowhere else to go.

Journalism will be overtaken by citizen journalists and keyboard warriors on Twitter, Facebook and tumblr.

This isn’t a ‘wrong’ opinion. Traditional media formats such as television, radio and newspapers are beginning to fall apart as consumers¬† are making a move towards the internet to give them the low down on breaking news and current issues.

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Meet Matt Donnelly

Matt Donnelly, student and technology enthusiast.

It’s not every day you meet someone like Matt Donnelly.

A first year at UOW studying Communications and Media, he’s a tech whiz who’s set up and sold his own online store,¬† remixed music online through Soundcloud and a veteran at creating amazing 3D printed creations.

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A Couple of Quick Snapshots

Disgruntled Journalist: Riley Jones

I took this snapshot of Riley Jones, aspiring Journalist and talented Comedian while he was knee-deep in work setting up a BCM 112 Twitch Stream.

“Growing up, I loved space.¬† I always wanted to be an astronaut. This has changed over time, but I liked the idea for a long time. I was also interested in comedy, but that is more a natural thing…”

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