My Attempt

Riley Jones

Meet the quick witted and strong hearted Riley Jones!

Riley is a tenacious 18 year old studying a Bachelor of Journalism/Communication and Media straight out of a heart wrenching final year of high school. Riley wants to discover and share the unique and marginalised stories of the world, to him, a story untold is a moment wasted. Riley won’t miss the opportunity to find the humour in any given situation, “I try to be funny, but I am probably seen as a bit of smartass to people.”

However, if I were ever in a sour mood, I would not look past you for a bit of laugh Riley Jones.

Natasha Nikoloska

Presenting the inviting Natasha Nikoloska!

Natasha is a welcoming personality, fresh out of school who “gets along with everyone.”

It was only last year that Natasha decided to pursue a career in communication and media after receiving some guidance from her…

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